Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LST Training Weekend

I wanted to fill you in on some of the training we have been doing. Parts of LST's training are:
- Read multiple books on missions, small groups, etc, and write reports about each
- Participate in FriendSpeak as an active reader
- Begin language acquisition
- Go through LST training videos
- Participate in an LST Training Weekend

There are a few other things, such as setting goals, etc, but this is a good summary. A few weeks ago Megan and I drove to Dallas to participate in a training weekend. We arrived at 3am in Fort Worth and slept at our friends' home (the Campbells). We were at LST's offices at 8am, and Daniel lead the devotional that morning, looking at Philippians 3-4. Afterwards, we participated in a number of team building activities, from building a tall structure (we failed) to a survey/scavenger hunt in the surrounding community (140 out of 150; that's what I am talking about.) We helped train a few new readers for their trips in the near future, and spent some time talking about the intracacies of traveling abroad. Megan spent time learning the accounting proceedures and learning how to keep track of our missions funds.

That evening we had dinner with the Altrocks and they answered a number of questions about our internship and time in Argentina.

It was a great weekend for training, as well as catching up with friends. We were blessed to think about what God is going to do in our future. Megan and I are growing more excited each day as we prepare for our time in Buenos Aires. Please keep us in your prayers.

Many of you know, but we officially have a sponsoring congregation. Northside Church of Christ in Wichita has agreed to be our spiritual and financial partner. We don't know how much they are contributing yet, but we already have over $12,000 of our support raised. Please keep that in your prayers; we are nervous about the rest of the funds. If you know anyone wanting to give, please put us in touch!

God bless you guys! Thanks for keeping up with our lives. We are blessed by each one of you. Hasta luego, y vaya con Dios!

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