Friday, June 29, 2012

On the edge of the waterfall, in the midst of God's glory!

Nos quedan 31 días hasta regresaman a los EEUU. (31 days until we return to the US...)

This is a joy and a deep sadness. It carries deep significance for the two of us, for we are leaving behind wonderful friends, a beautiful family of Christ, a great church, and a lot of work to be done. God has done amazing things here in Buenos Aires. We are sad to be leaving such amazing people, but we are also glad to return to the US, start a new ministry, and look at starting life again in the US...

For the next 31 days I want to blog once per day. I might fail at this endeavor. I might blog twice a day! Who knows what will happen! However, God bless this endeavor, and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and what God is doing here in BsAs...


God is good! As I stood on the edge of the precipice, looking into the edge of the roaring abyss, I couldn't help but be awed and humbled by the scene before me.

Two weeks ago, Megan and I traveled to Iguazu Falls. Recently named one of the New Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls stands on the border of Brazil and Argentina. (In fact, the line of demarcation runs directly through the river and the falls, and Paraguay is just a stone's throw away...) We spent two days in the park. The first day we arrived INCREDIBLY early (around 8), and walked directly to la Garganta del Diablo.

For those of you who have been blessed to be there, it is the most poorly named feature anywhere. As we walked down the walkway, we walked above the rushing waters of the Rio Uruguay. We saw beautiful birds nesting in the trees. Turtles lazed in the sunshine. Swifts flew overhead. And the sound of the rushing waters grew larger as we got closer. As you step up to the waterfall, all I could think was, "WOW! Isn't God amazing!?!? This isn't the Devil's Throat (the meaning of Garganta del Diablo); this is the glory of an amazing God who creates beauty all around us. God is an artist whose sculptures, paintings, and masterpieces exist all around us.

Las obras de Dios... God's Masterpiece... THAT is a more appropriate description. God does amazing work!

Tomorrow we will share the experience of entering into the depths of the waterfalls and being overwhelmed by the rush of it all! God is good!

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