Friday, August 26, 2011

We are overjoyed to introduce...

We would like to introduce you to you to your new sister in Christ, Brenda Nives! Brenda is a 30 year old Colombian woman who came to Buenos Aires for better economic opportunities. She was a doctor in Colombia, and has come here to practice medicine in the future.

Brenda was invited to LST and church by another LST reader, and she began coming over the summer. She developed relationships within the church, and they became a great support system for her. She began reading with LST and studying the Bible with one of the missionaries here.

Megan began reading with Brenda two weeks ago. During their reading session, Brenda mentioned that she was thinking strongly about baptism. On Wednesday she had another Bible study, and then decided she wanted to make Christ her LORD and Savior. On Thursdays she attends the small group at the Valdez’s house, and she was baptized in their bath tub that evening while we all crowded around to witness her new birth.

God is good! I am amazed at the great things he is doing here in Buenos Aires. We have a few other readers who are interested in becoming part of the family of God; please keep them in your prayers.

We love you guys! God bless you today as you seek to follow him. Please keep us, the LST readers, the Caballito church, and the people of Buenos Aires in your prayers.

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