Saturday, August 6, 2011

Updates and Prayer Requests

¡Buenas noches! Esperamos que están bien, y estamos agradecido para ustedes y la Iglesia de Cristo de Northside. Es difícil a creer que salimos en tres días. ¡El vez va rápido! Amamos Northside, y estamos agradecido para su amor y su apoyo. No podemos esperar llegar allá, y estamos emocionados estar en Buenos Aires. Sabemos que el Señor está haciendo muchas cosas buenas en Argentina. ¡El SEÑOR es grande, y hay no otro!

This was a message I spoke to the Missions Oversight Team at Northside. It might be a little rough (I wrote it without any aids except my dictionary), but I hope it conveyed our love and support for them.

We leave the country in two days; that is hard to believe! In the last week we've had three great meals with friends, participated in guys/girls night before a wedding, been to our friends' wedding in Wichita, and spent a great dessert meeting with Northside's MOT. We are excited, and apprehensive, and everything in between. Hard to believe this time is already upon us.

I will post a few pictures from the last few days later tonight. However, I wanted to drop you a few prayer requests:

  1. Pray for us as we finish packing. We've packed all of our clothes and supplies into four suitcases and two carry-on bags. Pray for us as we finalize all of those decisions!
  2. Pray for safe travel. Enough said. =)
  3. Pray that God will continue to open hearts and lives in Buenos Aires. A current LST reader is being baptized on Sunday morning (praise God). Pray that more hearts and lives will be touched.
  4. Pray for our transition: We are going to hit the ground running, and have to register for language school, find an apartment, get a cell phone, find the market, and figure out life, as well as transition well with the current short term LST team that is there. Pray that all of those things go smoothly. (We are going to be seriously swamped!)
  5. Pray for our first time with the Caballito church. We are excited to finally meet these fellow brothers and sisters; pray for great friendships and relationships to be built over these next few months.
  6. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving! We have finished our fundraising; God is good! If you want to continue giving, please contact Megan or Daniel for more information.

We thank God for each one of you, for your prayers and support. We love you! We'll post more soon!

In Christ,
Daniel and Megan


  1. How exciting! We'll definitely be following your blog to hear more about your adventure for the Lord!

  2. Sorry, I forgot to also add in:
    Megan was the matron of honor in a wedding (I hope AF2 didn't feel slighted.)