Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It has been a "week" of birthdays.

Megan's birthday was September 10. We surprised her with a party at our apartment. We had 8 people who came over. Our friends, Jonathan and Ashley, cooked a great lunch (salad with garlis chicken), and we had cake. Gabriel, another friend, created the theme: "Disney Princess." =)

We had a great time!

Daniel's birthday was on September 19th. We went to class that morning, worked that afternoon, and then met a group of friends at Abasto, a huge local mall. (It has the only Kosher McDonalds outside of Israel.) We had dinner and cake with a large group of friends, just hanging out and talking.

And on Sunday... we had a new birth. One of the girls here decided to make Christ her LORD and Savior, and was baptized on Sunday morning. She is the niece of two of my favorite people at church, Marcello and Estella. They are a sweet couple; they picked us up at the airport when we first arrived.

God blessed us with a week of birth days. It is amazing how God brings new life into our world!

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