Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Northside's Family Camp

Hello everyone! We hope you are doing well. Megan and I just returned from Family Camp with Northside, and it was an amazing experience. As most of you know, Northside is our sponsoring congregation, and we were there as both "Family" and "Ministers." Megan and I will be spending time with Northside towards the end of the summer before departing for Argentina, and we used this as an opportunity to build relationships with the church.

Daniel and Megan both spoke at the Family Camp. We both approached the topics of "Men of God -- Press On!" and "Women of God -- Press On!" (Can you figure out which was which?) Megan approached the topic through the story of Hannah, and I was told that she did an amazing job. She wanted to encourage the women to stay strong in their faith and commitment, even when life was tough. Daniel used the story of Paul and also the Scripture Hebrews 12:1-3, reminding the men to fix their eyes on Christ and cast off their burdens, but also to be the "great cloud of witnesses" for one another. It was a great experience.

We both enjoyed every aspect of Family Camp. Megan's two sisters, as well as two nieces and nephew were there, and it was great to spend time with them. We are trying to get in as much family time as we can before we depart. Sadly, almost everyone wound up sick at some point. (Daniel and Joanna were the only two to not get sick at some point.)

One of Daniel's favorite parts of Family Camp is Old Church Singing. It is a great chance to sing old classic songs in praise to God. There are some pics below.

We had a blast, and met some amazing people. We truly felt blessed by our time with Northside, and can't wait to be with them this summer.

On a different note... We are only $3000 away from our goal! We are sending out new fundraising letters today, so pray that God would raise up the funds that we need.

Thank you for your love and support. Keep us in your prayers! More pics from family camp are forthcoming! God bless you!

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