Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Time with Northside

Good morning, friends and family! I hope you guys are doing well. I just wanted to update you on our lives and fundraising.

This morning Megan and I were in Wichita talking to the Northside congregation about our work. Northside is our sponsoring church, and they are providing approximately 45% of our funds for this next year. It is such a blessing to have this church behind us!

Daniel did a 5 minute presentation this morning during the sermon. Today was their Missions Sunday, and they were attempting to raise $134,000+ for missions for the next year. They have an interesting pledge system, and that allows people to contribute throughout the year.

It was a great chance to be with our wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ and to spend time with this great church. We ran into some old friends while we were there, and we also met the family of some good friends of ours who are missionaries currently in Portugal (but on their way to Angola, Robert and Teague Meyer.)

Megan manned our table in the foyer and we both talked about missions with those who stopped by. It was a great Sunday to encourage and be encouraged, and we were truly blessed by our time with this congregation.

Keep us in your prayers this week. Megan and I begin our DVD training for LST. We are also in the midst of reading missionary biographies for a report for LST, so remember to pray for our diligence. We are continuing our language study; pray that God will continue opening our hearts and minds to this beautiful language.

Thanks for being such a blessing in our lives!

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  1. I've got a few family members at Northside, or 12... :)