Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Am Learning Through Fundraising

Hey guys, thanks for your prayers. I apologize that it has been 10 days since our last post. Not a lot has been going on here, aside from work for both of us, my class at the hospital, and winding down our semester in ministry.

I wanted to tell you a little bit more about our fundraising. As of right now we have close to 94% of our need, which is an amazing blessing from God. We have been blessed by the partnership with two churches (Southside in Lawrence, KS, where I currently work; and Northside in Wichita, where I will work part-time until we leave.) They are blessing us immensely with funding and prayers, and we are blessed by their dedication to God's work.

We are also being sponsored by numerous individuals from around the country. Although we don't have 50 individuals yet in our 50 for $50 drive, we do have quite a large number of individuals who are giving that amount (or more!) We are incredibly blessed by so many great friends and family who are sacrificing for us and the Kingdom.

We are still about $3000-3500 short, and we are seeking to make up the difference. If you know of anyone who is interested in missions in Argentina or a church looking to get involved, please let them know more about us and our work. You can also put them in touch with us, and we would be happy to talk more about our work.

I am learning a number of things I am learning in the midst of our fundraising.
1) God is faithful, and he has been able to do great things through this endeavor. Our faith is strengthened each day by the results of the giving.
2) People want to do great things for the Kingdom.
3) Satan doesn't like when good things are happening. We've had some discouraging things come up over the past few weeks, and these things have really thrown us for loops. Pray that God will protect us, keep us safe from harm, keep us healthy, and keep us in good spirits.
4) I am learning to pray more. James 4 tells me "You do not have because you do not ask God..." While that verse is being taken slightly out of context, it reminds me that I must be in earnest prayer. God wants to give us good gifts, and he is opening up the storehouses of heaven through the generosity of others. We feel incredibly blessed, but we must also continue to be fervent in prayer.
5) I am learning to be more thankful. We are trying to let people know just how thankful we are for them and show our appreciation for their love, support, and generosity. Thank YOU for your love and support as well!

There are a number of other lessons, so stay tuned for that.

A random Spanish lesson for each of you. The word in Spanish for wife is esposa. Interestingly, it is also the same word for "handcuff." Not sure what that means semantically or exegetically, but it is funny! (I am thankful for my esposa every day!)

Have a wonderful, blessed day! Hasta luego!

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